What and Who is Legal Guardians?

Lawyers are notoriously expensive. With a declining economy, rising costs, and ever-tighter budgets, most people simply cannot afford to approach a Lawyer. As a result, many people or entities who would benefit from legal representation lose their cases. With legal events occurring more frequently, people who are armed with a lawyer tend to win, sometimes without even going to court, over those who do not. Why? Because the threat of a legal battle often makes people give in on small cases, or give up without exploring how much they could be entitled to. Legal Insurance is about protecting your rights and taking charge.

As a result of the affordable premiums, with basic plans starting at less than 75 cents per day, and comprehensive plans at less than R3.50 per day, almost everyone can afford to buy a plan. This will ensure that you never feel pressured, exposed, stressed or taken advantage of because you did not know your rights. With a Legal Guardians legal plan you have 24H access to a qualified, specialised Legal Advisor, who will be able to assist you with your issue, big or small, no matter which level of cover you choose. If you choose a more comprehensive plan, we will also appoint your own, dedicated Attorney, at no additional cost, should the need arise. You only have to pay your premium. It is worth remembering that Legal Insurance is designed to cover unexpected Legal Costs, and even though preventative life planning tools, like wills and estates, drafting of agreements and ante-nuptial agreements are covered, matters that occur before you take out the legal plan, are not covered.

Whether you are an individual, a family member, a small to medium sized business, or an Employer wanting to provide peace of mind to your employees, do not expose yourself to unwanted financial distress. Join Legal Guardians today, before it is too late.